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Solve Business Mentor
and Managing Director

About Steph

Stephanie is an accomplished Business Adviser and business owner, dedicated to unlocking the full potential of entrepreneurs.

Her career has spanned numerous sectors and her own personal life challenges mean that she brings a unique blend of empathy and strategic thinking to the table.

As a Chartered Manager, her credentials include an Executive MBA and trainer in Neuro Linguistic Programming, making her an ideal business mentor for businesses wanting to forge meaningful connections and grow with confidence and clarity.

Outside of work she is mum to 4 children and a Cockapoo called Luna. A perfect day off would involve a paddle board and crystal clear water.


Solve Business Mentor
and Insolvency Practitioner

About Gareth

Gareth was Operations Director for a large Insolvency practice before starting his own practice in 2016.  

An award winning Adviser, Gareth has grown his own business from a start-up to a succesful operation. He has advised thousands of businesses and he has seen the challenges that you will face. 

From day-to-day operations to software developments Gareth has the experience, the skills and expertise to guide you and your business towards success.

Outside of the office Gareth is dad to 4 children and an active member of The Round Table, raising money for local charities – this involves dressing up as an elf on an annual basis and he tries to fit a round of golf in these days too.

Who are The Solve Co?

Welcome to The Solve Co, a specialist business support organisation designed to address the unique needs of struggling business owners. Our journey began with The Insolvency Company, a traditional British insolvency practice, where we discovered gaps in the market and recognized the vital importance of providing more than just business closure services. Thus, The Solve Co #keepingbusinessownersinbusiness was born, offering a comprehensive range of services to delve deep into the underlying issues affecting businesses, providing both practical and emotional support.

At The Solve Co, we understand that running a business can be a challenging and overwhelming experience. Our mission is to empower business owners with the tools and guidance they need to navigate obstacles and emerge stronger, whether by revitalising their existing ventures or embracing new beginnings. Our solutions encompass a variety of services, including mentoring, coaching, and affordable closure, tailored to meet the unique requirements of each business we work with.

 What sets us apart from a traditional business support services is our commitment to keeping business owners in business wherever possible and offering affordable and accessible closure solutions for businesses facing insurmountable challenges. Running an insolvency practice we realised that many businesses couldn’t afford the services of an insolvency practitioner or found them unsuitable for their needs. Thus, we envisioned a service that caters to businesses seeking support at an earlier stage.

The Solve Co understands that running a business can be a difficult and emotional process. That’s why we offer more than just business advice; we provide wellbeing support to help business owners navigate the emotional aspects of closing a business. Our compassionate approach ensures that we guide and support you throughout the entire journey.

Our Values











At The Solve Co, our bedrock is founded on a set of core values that define our identity and steer all our endeavours. These values are not mere words on a page; they are the guiding principles that sculpt our culture and shape our interactions with clients, partners, and one another.



We are specialists in our field, offering bespoke solutions meticulously tailored to the unique requirements of every business we collaborate with. Our profound expertise ensures we provide the utmost level of service and assistance to help you surmount challenges and realise your objectives.



We approach every situation with optimism and an unwavering belief in the potential for positive transformation. Regardless of the hurdles you confront, we perceive opportunities for growth and advancement. Our sanguine perspective fuels our determination to discover solutions and drive success.



We are keen listeners. Your concerns, objectives, and aspirations hold great significance to us. We invest the time to genuinely comprehend your needs, obstacles, and dreams. This attentive approach empowers us to furnish personalised and meaningful guidance and support.



We hold a visionary outlook. Our purpose transcends mere troubleshooting; we assist you in envisioning a more brilliant future for your business. Our forward-thinking stance drives us to perpetually explore innovative solutions and strategies that will propel you toward triumph.



Empathy lies at the core of everything we undertake. We recognise that managing a business is not just a financial pursuit but an emotional odyssey. We stand in solidarity with you, tendering support and counsel with sincere care and understanding.

These core values underpin our unwavering commitment to imparting a positive influence on your business journey. When you select The Solve Co, you are choosing a team that embodies these values and is resolute in aiding you to conquer challenges, accomplish your aspirations, and illuminate the path to a brighter future.